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The Duke Initiative on Survey Methodology is an interdisciplinary initiative located within the Social Science Research Institute in Gross Hall at Duke University. Founded in 2010 by Dr. D. Sunshine Hillygus, DISM is a space where researchers can exchange ideas about survey research and learn about survey research methods. Welcoming Duke affiliates from across academic and professional fields, DISM has many resources available to support research including training in survey research methods, consulting for individual projects, and funding opportunities. Read more for how you can get involved with DISM, get help with projects, and be a part of the survey research community at Duke.

  • Picture of D. Sunshine Hillygus
    Director DISM, Professor of Political Science
    DISM helps researchers design quality surveys by combining best practices with substantive expertise, working within the time and budget constraints of the project
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    Associate Director for Education & Training
    Being part of DISM means working to keep improving surveys, which is critical to making sure we gather meaningful information about the key questions that matter.
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